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A world where children are most important, where business growth and profit targets are only instrumental goals to serve better to children...where "childish" is not a bad word but a good one; highlighting most important attributes of an innovative human, such as curiosity, collaboration and creativity...where children have a saying about their own life designs, based on their own values.
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Are you optimistic about future of humanity, in the upcoming 10-20 years? *

Do you trust humans in general? *

Do you think your work make a difference in the world? *

What do you mostly feel about EXPONENTIAL TECHNOLOGIES?* *

*Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, nano technologies, synthetic biology, neuroscience, gene editing, IOT, 3D printing...

Let's talk about children. Do you... *

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the world today? *

What is most likely to impact our children's futures?
In your opinion, what is the most essential thing for children to learn in order to live a happy, healthy life in the world we live in today? *

(and the one we'll live in the future)?
Why do you believe that this is so important for children to learn? *

Do you give permission for me to use what you have shared in my upcoming book 'Children First World Design' to inspire others if appropriate? *

Do you know any practices (in cities, businesses, schools, associations...etc) where children's wellbeing (health -mind, body, heart- and their future) is prioritized as the most important thing, above anything else? If yes, can you please share the names/ contacts/ links?

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

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